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Everything you need for a vital and active life

At Casey’s Pond, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for older adults by partnering with families and empowering resident to reach their highest potential. Join us for lively social gatherings, educational programs and entertaining events.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities here for engagement and personal growth.

Fitness programs at Casey's Pond

Eden® Community

Casey’s Pond is a registered Eden Alternative® community dedicated to resident empowerment and purposeful engagement. We embrace a resident-driven philosophy that encourages collaboration among residents and staff. Our pet-friendly and nature-focused environment is designed to promote personal growth, active longevity and successful aging at all stages.

For residents needing care, we develop care plans guided by the Eden philosophy, and tailored specifically to each resident’s individual needs and wishes. This philosophy of person-centered care empowers residents to pursue lifelong learning in a caring community.

Healthy Attitudes in “Blue Zones”

In regions as distinct as Greek islands and Costa Rican valleys, people regularly live in good health to age 100 and beyond. These places, not only known for longevity, but also healthier, happier lives, are called “Blue Zones.” Casey’s Pond residents and staff are joining in a community-wide effort to integrate the Power 9® healthy behaviors found in Blue Zone communities into our daily lives.

At Casey’s Pond, our goal is to create an environment that encourages physical activity, and cultivates a strong sense of purpose. We are dedicated to helping our residents use simple lifestyle approaches that have been shown to add not only more years of life, but better years of life. If you’d like to learn more, join us this summer for an eight-week Purpose, Growth and Mindset course.

Personal Assistance at Casey's Pond

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