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Mothers Make the World Go Around!


Just before Mother's Day, we asked some Casey's Pond residents what impact their mothers ahd on them and if they had any advice for mothers.

Here are their priceless answers:

"Patience is a virtue. Time with your children means so much. Give them a lot of affection and what they learn from you is how they'll be. Read, read, read!" -Vi Effinger

"If I ever fell, my mom would say, 'Offer it up.' It made me not a complainer." -Jim Rabbitt

"Love your children. Hug them. Praise them. Try to be positive." -Aniela Endy

"It takes time to be a good mother." -Diane Prichard

"What I learned from my mother is that it is important to have good friends, to want to do things, to teach your children and to give them any opportunity you can." -Janet Regan

"Maintain close contact. Enjoy! Spend as much time with your family as you can. Listen to them. Have fun and show love, appreciation and interest." -Marion Gibson

We hope you take some of these ideas to heart and grow as a person, whether you are a mother or the child of a mother.

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